Friday, March 24, 2017

Proving Head of Household Status

Being able to declare yourself as “head of household’ comes with many benefits as far as the IRS is concerned. However, not everyone who thinks that they qualify for this title actually does. In order to be considered as “head of household” for IRS purposes, you need to be unmarried and living with a qualified person or dependent for over half a year.   

While various types of people can be qualified as dependents by the IRS, in head of household situations, this person is usually a child, an elderly parent, or someone unable, for various reasons, to care for and support himself or herself. If you are unsure of whether or not someone qualifies as a dependent, remember that it’s always best to check with a tax adviser first before you file.
If you do qualify as head of household, you can end up enjoying many great benefits, such as a higher standard tax deduction, more eligibility for some deductions and credits, and reduced tax rates. All of the benefits involved are why the IRS often asks filers to prove their head of household status, which you can do by:

·         Proving you provide over half of the financial support for your dependent. You can prove this through bills, property tax records, and receipts for various living expenses.

·         Proving the dependent lives with you through school, medical, or other records.

If you are having trouble providing this proof, are unsure whether or not you qualify for head of household status, or have other questions or concerns, remember that you don’t have to handle all of this on your own or figure everything out yourself. After all, that is why tax professionals exist, so don’t hesitate to seek help where needed from a tax professional. In fact, doing so can make the whole process of filing and filing correctly simpler and easier!