Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Value of an Honest, Professional Accountant

Did you know that accountants are legally required to be honest with you at all times? This means that if you go to your accountant and say, “I just spent $3000 on a new mink coat,” he or she would have to inform you that maybe this wasn’t the smartest investment. Likewise, if an accountant notices that someone you employ has been fudging the numbers in QuickBooks records or that things don’t quite add up in your QuickBooks records, he or she has to tell you. Sometimes, the truth can be hard to hear, but you should never underestimate the value of honest, professional information from a skilled accountant.
 In fact, for many people, accountants are the only ones they can count on to give them honest information. Investors and others often have their own best interests in mind when they give advice or provide information. Accountants, though, always put you and your best interests first.  If you’re lacking an accountant who will always be there with a healthy dose of truth, contact Susan S. Lewis, Ltd., located in Naperville, to change that.

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