Thursday, May 9, 2013

With the Help of a CPA

Have you recently received a tax assessment that you believe to be wrong? Or maybe you’re sure that you’re being charged more than you should by the IRS. When you feel the IRS has made a mistake, remember that it’s important to trust your instincts. Yes, standing up against the IRS and fighting for what you know to be right can be scary, but if it ends with a more just outcome, then it’s well worth it. However, you shouldn’t fight your tax battles alone. You have a much better chance of making yourself heard and of speaking the IRS’ language if you’re backed by a reputable Naperville CPA.

When you encounter what you believe to be a tax error, you should contact your Naperville CPA before you attempt to communicate with the IRS. Your accountant will comb through your findings and records to make sure that an error actually has occurred and, if so, where that error occurred and who is at fault. While the IRS is imperfect and does occasionally make mistakes, most tax related errors are actually due to errors in reporting or documentation on the part of the taxpayer.

If your accountant does find that the IRS has genuinely made a mistake, then he or she will have the inside knowledge on who to contact, how, and what to say. Not only does this equal less stress for you, but it also ensures a quicker resolution to your problem. For accountants that have years of experience dealing with tax errors and with the IRS, choose Lewis CPA.

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