Friday, April 7, 2017

Tracking Your Income Tax Refund

One of the hardest things about filing your taxes is waiting on your income tax refund! Fortunately, though, you don’t just have to idly wait with no clue when you’re going to get that nice little (or, if you’re really lucky, not so little) refund in the mail or in your bank account. There are things that you can do to track your refund and determine when it is going to arrive.   

Tracking your refund, like most things tax-related, is a whole lot easier if you filed your taxes electronically. However, even if you filed the old-fashioned way, by mail, there are still simple ways to determine when your refund should arrive.

Try the “Where’s My Refund?” Feature
To start off with, if you visit the official IRS website, you will find that the site offers a “Where’s my Refund?” tool that allows you to track your refund.

All that you will need in order to use this feature is your social security number, filing status, and refund amount. Using the feature, you can find out when your refund will be mailed or direct deposited and if there have been any problems or errors with processing your refund.
If you do find that there is some kind of problem with your refund, be sure to contact a tax professional to try and figure out what might have gone wrong and to rectify the problem as quickly as possible so that you can get your refund.

Give the IRS a Call
If you are having trouble using the online tool, have other questions, or just prefer to speak to a real person, be aware that you can always call the IRS directly to determine what’s going on with your refund.

With your return in hand, you can get information about your refund by calling 800-829-1954.

As you can see, you do have options for checking up on your refund and its status. By making use of these options, you can stay in the know about your refund and when it should arrive.

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